DYNASTY business center

Provides comfortable conditions for effective work. The area of 8,530 m2 has the offices that meet modern quality standards: high-tech utility systems, maintenance support, 24-hour security, underground and outdoor parking.

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DYNASTY business center

Location: 46-46a Antonovycha Str., Kyiv

Class: А

Number of floors: 8

Usable floor area: around 8,530 m2

Standard floor rental area: around 810 m2

Parking space: underground parking for 9 cars and surface parking for 62 cars

Planning concept: open planning of rooms

Commissioning: 2015


A 8-floor building and Class A office center, DYNASTY is located in the central business district of Kyiv at the intersection of Antonovycha and Zhylianska streets. This location makes it easily accessible by both personal and public transport. The business center is located within a 3-minute walk (350 meters) from the Olimpiiska metro station, and exits to the surface public transport stops.


The interior of elegant lobby combines the trends of classical and modern styles, creating an unforgettable cozy atmosphere of status comfort.

Natural materials—walnut veneer, bronze mirrors, copper ornamental grating, and designer manipulation with Belgian DeltaLight lamps—all help create a welcoming space for business people.



The business center is equipped with three passenger elevators by KONE (Finland), complete with intelligent control systems.


Security and Communication Systems

Power Supply


Environmental friendliness


Dynasty business center has an underground parking with Sika anti-slip coating and automatic powder fire extinguishing system, as well as an outdoor parking for 62 cars with the main access way from Antonovycha street and an additional one from Zhylianska and Volodymyrska streets.