Office space - on the 4th floor with a total area of 664,4 sq.m (taking into account the coefficient of total areas of 10%)

A room with a central air conditioning system and a supply and exhaust ventilation system.

Commercial terms:

Lease term: from 24 months.

Base rental rate: $15 / sq.m / month + VAT

Operating costs: $5 / sq.m / month + VAT

Parking: $150/month + VAT for 1 parking place in an open parking lot.

Utilities are paid by the tenant separately, include:
       - Electricity
       - Heating (proportional to the occupied area)

Telecommunications (internet, telephony): the lessee enters into direct contracts with telecom services providers.

The base rental rate increases by 3% annually starting from the second year of lease.

Initial lease payment: one month fee (including base rental rate + utilities + parking).

Security deposit: two months' fee (basic rent + operating + parking).

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